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Here you can find some of the work I have done. Just Click the blue play buttons!

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II - Video Game

I am honored to announce I will be playing Prisoner Seven in the second instalment of this amazing series! This is one of the bigger projects I've worked on thus far and I'm very excited that the steam release is a success! Click below for a sample or check out this amazing speed art video of my character, Prisoner Seven!

Star Trek Fleet Opertations - Video Game


Fleet Operations is a popular skirmish and multiplayer orientated total conversion modification for Activision's real-time strategy game, Star Trek: Armada II. These guys run an amazing site and have a great fanbase! I was reached out to by the team to voice a Tamarian captain. These guys are great, they only speak in metaphor!

Samaritan Paradox - Video Game

Very proud to have played a couple characters from this game which is a throw-back to my King's Quest days!

Old Priest

Inn Keeper

Peppy Pals - Video Game

An innovative children's game planned for release on iOS, Android, and PC this year. I have the privilege of playing Dougie, the dog!

War of Rights - Video Game

I'll be playing various voices for this aweosome civil war game! They're really going all out making the maps true to life. In early Alpha stages.

Union Officer

Confederate Officer

Texas Soldier Cutscene

Short Leash - Web Series

I play Lester in this animated web series. This is the unfinished version of the 1st episode. Scheduled to come out on youtube in the spring.


The Gate 2 - Video Game

I play the main character John Collins in this original Half-Life mod. The game is near completion and we are finishing up the dialogue now. I was able to help out with a few other background characters as well.

John Collins



Car Salesman

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